Analysis of Wikipedia Entry

When comparing events mentioned in the Wikipedia entry to the map and timelines made, the entry does not have as many events as the reports and articles analyzed before. The events in the entry are given a brief summary of where and when they happened. Rather than a one to two-sentence description, it gave very specific details on events that were not in other readings on the riot. There were repeated events from the previous readings, such as the looting mostly centered on Springfield Avenue and the killing of Detective Fred. Toto, and the killing of William Furr. It also had new events that were not included in the other entries. These were the killings of Isaac Harrison and Robert Lee Martin, the killing of Joe Bass Jr., and a woman smashing windows of the 4th precinct. The Wikipedia entry gives good background information on previous events leading up to the riot. the aftermath, and gave a brief summary of the arrest of a cab driver, which was the trigger of the riot. This was a big difference from the other readings, as they only mention his arrest and its reason for the protest. The entry calls the riot a rebellion, which is a political complaint against underlying
political, social, and economic structures of oppression. There was a debate by the authors on whether to call it a rebellion since it was combined with other riots, but no change has been made yet from the rebellion. Even though there were reasons for economic oppression prior to the riot, I do not agree that this should be the label. Economic oppression does play a big factor in the reason for protesting, but I believe the main factor will always be the arrest. The background information mentions incidents of police brutality against African Americans, which is consistent with the other reports and articles on the riot. The interpretation this entry gives of the riot is more organized, with political intent because of the poverty, and meetings in between the arrest and the time when the rioting began included in the background information. It also gives a specific time that members set for civilians to go to the 4th precinct to protest. I could see why the Wikipedia entry would be labeled as a rebellion, but I would still label it as an uprising, as this riot was a violent expression of discontent, which the entry supports with the included events of looting in the business areas and property damage done to the 4th precinct. The entry gives more of a general overview so it is hard to give a label on just this one entry.

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