Mapping Newark Riot

From what can be seen on the map, the events do not cluster together but are spread out throughout the city. The points on the map were close or near each other, rather than clustered. Events were occurring more on a particular street, which was Springfield Avenue. The events on Springfield Avenue were all in the category involving looting, as Springfield Avenue was a block full of businesses. Categories were also not clustered together, but still relatively close. Events in the type of event labeled killed occurred on streets nearby, such as Livingston Street, Jones Street, and 15th Avenue. As mentioned before, most of the looting took place on Springfield Avenue. The places the events occur change beginning of July 14th through the 15th. Between these dates, the rioting tends to stay in the middle of the city and events are happening closer together and then spread out as the riot progresses. In the 17th and 18th, the points are one or two events, showing the rioting dying down those days. The events involving the category labeled assault by police and some assault by groups were not involved in the map, as most of those events had little to no information on their location, locations that do not exist anymore, or the event happened in the same location and points were directly on top of each other. I believe the map would have shown clusters if events had more precise locations or if points were not placed on top of each other. Some of the events involving police killings were categorized as killed and did make it on the map. I believe that the map does not give a good representation of the label uprising. An uprising is a spontaneous upsurge of protest or violent expression of discontent, something with political content, but short of a full-fledged revolutionary act. With no events that included the reports of police killings and their involvement with looting stores and businesses, it shapes away the key features and the trigger of the riot. Knowing that there were events before the riot of police brutality and not being able to see them, the map gives a poor interpretation of those events. If I were to look at this map without any knowledge known before the riot, I would believe that most of the looting and assault was done by mostly rioters than the police. With no other information, I would label it as a disorder. A disorder is a neutral language because the upheavals evoked such varying responses within the communities where they occurred. None of the events happen in a pattern and all events happen at different times and it is complete chaos.

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