Newark Riot of 1967

Dimension of DIsorderNewark Riot of 1967
TRIGGERAn arrest of a cab driver and a passenger, who was then beaten by two police officers and then taken to jail
DURATION5 days (July 12th-July 17th)
NUMBER AND IDENTITY OF THOSE KILLED AND INJURED23 dead, 2 white men killed and assuming 21 black men; 750+ injured, identities unknown
NUMBER AND IDENTITY OF THOSE ARRESTEDApproximately 1500 people, identities unknown
LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT INVOLVEDMostly state police, military forces, and national guard
AMOUNT AND KIND OF PROPERTY DAMAGELooting local businesses, shooting storefronts, painting windows, Fourth Precinct building vandalized. 250 fires reported
ASYMMETRYOnly 2 white men were killed, one was a police officer, and the other was a fire captain, exact number unknown of the 750+ injured; compared to 21 black men killed and an unknown number of the 750+ injured
GEOGRAPHICAL SPREADIn front of the Fourth Precinct building and neighborhoods and local business surroundings the building area

The dimensions I believe most define the events of this riot are the asymmetry and the number of people killed/injured and arrested. Although there is no exact number of people rioting, there was a large amount number of African Americans living in the city due to almost thirty years of migration from the south. With the number of people injured and arrested in the riot, it can be assumed that there were a least two thousand or more people part of the riot and the majority were African American. This number also includes civil rights leaders and groups. This riot can be labeled as a major disorder with how long it lasted, the reported number of fires, and the use of the National Guard.
The label that best describes this riot is an uprising. There was no riot between white and blacks, but rather between the police and blacks, which is why it cannot be labeled as a race riot. This was just a revolutionary act or a kind of revenge against the police for the arrest and beating of the cab driver and passenger. There were also other events leading up to the riot including Newark police being involved in incidents of killing African Americans during routine traffic stops and also raiding a house inhabited by Black Muslims for illegal weapons and then beating them with batons. The riot included violent expressions as protesters were throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails at the Fourth Precinct building and looting local stores. The riot ended with some political gain as the city later was able to elect its first black mayor, Ken Gibson.

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