Newark Riot Timeline

From what can be interpreted from the timeline, the events seem to cluster around the evening times and/or night times. The looting and most killings seem to have happened mostly late at night. The clusters were not large as only a few events seem to cluster at a time and the events seemed to be spread out more. The reason for this is that maybe events not having a precise time and could only be given a time frame. There were not many clusters of the same category. The same category that clustered was assault by group, which appeared to cluster twice on the timeline on July 14th and July 15th. This could be because of the high number of events in this category. Other than this,  the clusters were a mix of all categories happening in the same time frame.  The events were not all the same and were placed into ten different categories. There were gaps between events but were not huge gaps. As mentioned before, most of the events seemed to happen late at night, so most day events were low in numbers. The gaps are between the early afternoon to evening hours. The gaps were also between July 16th through July 18th as the riot was dying down these days. I believe only 30+ events were added to the timeline, but all the categories were there. The categories that involve assault or killed were cut in numbers mainly because times were missing and it may have affected the interpretation of the timeline. The label I chose for this riot from the first assignment was an uprising. Uprising is a spontaneous upsurge of protest or violent expression of discontent, something with political content. The timeline supports this by spreading out key events and giving a better visual aid of the categories assault by police and assault by group which are key features. They are key features because the events are most are police being attacked or the ones attacking rioters or innocent civilians. It all began with police brutality and this goes into the violent expression of discontent against what is considered the trigger of riot.

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